At the core of our company is continuous learning and development. We ensure that our team has the freedom to do their own research, development and experimentation alongside client responsibilities.  This approach allows us to provide the highest quality solutions and thinking for our clients as well as creating a positive, creative atmosphere throughout our company.


Jumpstart packages

Are you looking to launch a new software project, but lack the specific skill set to take it to the next level? The CS Jumpstart packages are designed to help find new direction for your software development processes, and get them on the right track.


Is your company utilising technology to its full potential? The CS assessments have been designed to evaluate your key technologies and their current supporting infrastructure. This process will help uncover weak points in the foundation in order to adjust direction and use the best practices available on the market.


CS Innovation is all about helping you leverage digital tools and technology to not only stay competitive, but to rise above the rest. You may have a promising idea or technology, but don’t internally have the capacity to discover its value and take it to the next level. Our specialised CS team can help you get there.


We specialise in beginners and advanced training for a range of technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and Microservices. We also develop custom training content for in-house programmes, as well as our own sessions on advanced topics.

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