Kubernetes on AWS… Cool Your Jets

When AWS joined the CNCF everyone got so excited for hosted Kubernetes, and the clickbait articles were produced en masse.  As much as I would love an AWS managed K8s, I am not holding my breath. I have a couple reasons for these reservations.

Kubernetes is definitely a … Read more

This is not the Serverless I Ordered


Recently at Container Solutions we explored serverless, where it succeeds and fails, but more importantly we discussed where we thought it may be going.  Having played with Lambda before, I found the discussions way more interesting than the actual execution, because we started talking about what we … Read more

Introduction to gRPC

The hot new buzz in tech is gRPC.  It is a super-fast, super-efficient Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system that will make your microservices talk to each other at lightspeed, or at least that’s what people say.  So this article will take a quick look at what it is, … Read more

An argument against REST in microservices

Rest has become a widely accepted standard for API’s.  There are a few reasons for this, it is easy to follow, works very much like a web browser does, and as such uses common tools to digest the service.

But REST brings baggage with it  that can create … Read more