Running Kontena in the Google Cloud

In this blog post we’ll set up Kontena on top of CoreOS on GCE. In the previous blog, I described Kontena’s architecture. Register an account We’ll use the authentication service hosted by kontena. To register an account, we need to install the command line interface. It’s packaged at the moment as a ruby gem, so … Continued

Kontena: an alternative container orchestrator

Some weeks ago, I encountered Kontena. It is an open source project for containerized application orchestration, that does things a little different compared to the currently big players, such as Kubernetes and Mesos. Before we continue with looking at what makes Kontena different, you should know about the architecture of Kontena.   The architecture of … Continued

Review of

In the announcement video, Adam Jacobs, the CTO and co-founder of Chef, claims that for companies who want to move towards a devops organization, everything depends on how people in an organization work together, and how their tools enable them to have an efficient build, deploy and manage process. If the tools are insufficient, your … Continued

A step towards the future of configuration and infrastructure management with Nix

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the Nix ecosystem. It offers an interesting and more integrated alternative than traditional configuration and infrastructure management systems such as Puppet, (Docker) containers and Terraform. I have looked into Nix, nixpkgs, NixOS and NixOps. Nix is a purely functional package management language, which aims to make the process of packaging … Continued