When is the WRONG time to use Kubernetes?

The main reason most enterprises want to move to the cloud can be explained in two words: product velocity.

There are myriad benefits to Cloud Native computing, from lower hosting costs to reduced infrastructure complexity and increased scalability. All of these are good things, of course — … Read more

User Access Manager application on Mantl

In the last year many Container Solutions’ engineers spent significant time developing various parts of Cisco’s Mantl and Shipped projects.

Examples of the software can be found at ELK Mesos frameworks, Terraform Cobbler provider, Minimesos and a policy based management of microservices resources that we call Application IntentRead more

Cloud Native Computing

A decade ago, Amazon released AWS. Since then, the adoption of public clouds, like GCE, Rackspace, Joyent, CiscoCloud and many others, along with tools such as CloudStack and OpenShift for creation of private clouds, has been nothing short of outstanding. Two problems, however, remain.

We don’t know how … Read more

Docker announces first plugins – Weave and Flocker

Only few would argue that Docker is not responsible for the drastic change that is happening now in the way we build, deploy and maintain our software. Popularized by Docker, containers allow us to remove the boundaries between development and operation departments. Docker have introduced a common language … Read more

Future of Docker Security

Two week’s ago, at our Docker Randstad meetup dedicated to Docker security, I realised that we we need to stop building generic applications that assume the existence of a fully functional OS environment and start building applications that are adapted to the restricted environment available inside a container.

Why Kubernetes Makes Sense

As a service provider in the programmable infrastructure space, we at Container Solutions are constantly investigating new tools and technologies to help our clients to deploy and maintain large and complex systems.

Most of our work is related to containers and specifically to Docker, and over time we have … Read more