Spinnaker for Kubernetes

Part of our work is to be constantly on the lookout for tools that can ease cloud native development processes, that can make our work easier or faster. Just like when you are sailing a boat, you will look for the best course to steer and trim the sails to take as much advantage of the … Continued

Terraform provider for Cobbler

At Container Solutions we constantly push the boundaries of the tools we work with. While exploring programmable infrastructure we combine the available tools in new ways. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but nevertheless we like to contribute things we learned back to the community. One example of our efforts concerns Terraform. We have … Continued

Cobbler in a Docker Container

For one of our projects we found ourselves in need of a PXE server. In order to make proper use of a PXE server you will quickly find you need to change settings in your DHCP server. So we figured we’d probably needed one of those as well. We tried to roll our own but … Continued

Terraforming a Nomad cluster

All the code from his blog is available on Git. At Hashiconf, Hashicorp announced Nomad. According to the website, it’s a cluster manager and scheduler for microservices and batch workloads, that works with Docker out of the box. And it’s all in just one binary! Of course that aroused my interest and I decided to … Continued

Set the ip of the Docker bridge with Systemd

Whenever you connect to a network you don’t control, you will have to work with whatever network address you’re offered. Sometimes you find yourself stuck on a network where the subnet addressing interferes with your Docker daemon’s default subnet, thus messing up your routes and leaving you unable to connect either to the internet or … Continued

Dynamic Zookeeper Cluster with Docker

A while ago I came across a nice feature in Zookeeper, namely the ability to dynamically reconfigure a cluster. That means adding and removing nodes on the fly, something we’ve been looking for in our Terraform setup of Mesos clusters. The feature was added in the 3.5-branch, which is not stable yet. But let that … Continued

Puppet in Docker

At Container Solutions we’re big fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His 6 rules of success are highly motivational to us and we keep them in mind in our daily work. Of course we like to joke about them a bit (“Sleep faster!”) but there are times when they really do drive our motivation. Like the time … Continued

Terraform-Mesos module explained

In a previous post, we showed you how to set up your own Mesos cluster with Terraform by using our Terraform-Mesos module. In this post we’ll be shedding some light on how the module is structured.

How to deploy a web container on a Google powered Mesos cluster

Lately I’ve been getting my hands dirty deploying applications on Mesos clusters, using Marathon to run Docker containers. I appreciate how it enables you to deploy a wide variety of applications using very little configuration, and seeing your applications scale up and down in a matter of seconds is really neat, but I have had … Continued