Docker and Provenance – Talk to Amsterdam Docker Meetup


by Adrian Mouat

The regular Docker Amsterdam meetup was held on Thursday 26th January at the offices of Schuberg Phillis. There were talks on “Docker and Provenance” by our own Chief Scientist Adrian Mouat, Mike Wessling from Bitbrains on “Falling off the shoulders of giants” and Michael Boelen from CISOfy on “Docker Security”. All the talks were well received and spurred a great night of discussion, aided by the hospitality of Schuberg Phillis.

© Arthur Hulsman
Adrian Mouat on Stage
© Arthur Hulsman

Slides from Adrian Mouat’s talk “Docker and Provenance: Who are you and where the hell did you come from?” can be downloaded as a pdf, or you can run the presentation from a docker container using the following command:

docker run -p 8000:8000 amouat/provenance_and_docker_pres

Open a browser at http://localhost:8000 (or the IP of the VM if using boot2docker) to view the presentation.

Jamie Rides the Unicorn
© Arthur Hulsman

In his talk, Adrian questioned whether we could really trust the integrity of images from the Docker Hub in its current implementation and suggested using secure download sites and docker load as an alternative. He also showed how to maintain provenance when downloading 3rd party software using examples from the official images. He then showed some examples of how not to do it, again from the official images, before concluding with a look at what the future holds for Docker and Provenance.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This meetup was seriously good and I personally learnt a lot from the talk, especially from Adrian’s one.

    However don’t think cleaning up dockerfiles is the way to continue. It’s just doomed to be error prone. Here I am trying to explain my meetup afterthoughts


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