minimesos 0.5.0 – Mac OS X support


by Frank Scholten

Apache Mesos

Before the holidays we released minimesos 0.5.0 and it is available via Jitpack. Minimesos is a tool for quickly deploying Mesos clusters. The main new improvements in this release are Mac OS X support. Every part of minimesos now runs in Docker, including the CLI command. Beyond that we fixed a lot of minor usability issues.

What’s new in minimesos 0.5.0?

The 0.5.0 milestone contains more than a dozen fixes. Let’s have a look at the most important ones in more detail

  • New --exposedPorts option when running on Mac OS X [#125]
  • ClusterConfig refactoring [#144]
  • Run minimesos in a container [#107]

New –exposePorts flag for Mac OS X

When running Mac OS X it is useful when ports in containers are exposed to the VM so you can access the cluster from a browser. Kudos to @remmelt for adding this feature. The minimesos script automatically adds this flag when running on Mac OS X.

ClusterConfig refactoring

The ClusterConfig object has been refactored into a fluent interface. This gives you more control on the setup of your minimesos cluster when using it inside Java. Here is an example snippet

Run minimesos in a container

The minimesos script now runs Docker instead of the minimesos jar directly. Additionally, we have introduced a few new minimesos Docker images for the master and agent. We decided to create them so we could install Java 8 on them, since the Mesosphere images use Java 7.

Try it out

To upgrade minimesos run the install script:

Keep in touch

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch by commenting on the blog or talk to us on @minimesos and @ContainerSoluti. Check out the open issues on Github. Do you have an idea on how to improve minimesos? Please open an issue or add a PR at the minimesos Github repo. We hope you find minimesos useful. See you next time!

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Frank Scholten

Senior Software Engineer at Container Solutions
Frank is a senior software engineer at Container Solutions. He focuses on Cloud Native applications with DC/OS and Apache Mesos, containers and Continuous Delivery. He created minimesos, the experimentation and testing tool for Apache Mesos. He is enthusiastic about Open Source software development, process improvement and automation in particular. Drawing on experience from a wide range of projects he is always on the lookout for new technologies, methods and ways to improve things and likes to write on speak on these topics.

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