Jumpstart packages

Are you looking to launch a new software project, but lack the specific skill set to take it to the next level? The CS Jumpstart packages are designed to help find new direction for your software development processes, and get them on the right track.

Ranging from one to three weeks in length, CS experts will first evaluate your company’s current situation and suggest the most appropriate course of action. Once a focus area has been defined, they will select the best suitable toolset and provide training for your staff to tackle the challenge(s).

A team of CS engineers will work directly with your developers in order to define a POC and train them in the specified subject matter. The aim here is to instill confidence in your team, enabling them to continue utilising newly acquired skills independently. This process helps to ‘jumpstart’ the implementation of a POC for your product and put it into motion.

Jumpstart packages include the following:

  • Setting up CI/CD pipeline
  • Diving into DevOps
  • Getting started with Microservices
  • Implementing Docker, Mesos, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Nomad
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Migration from Monolith to Microservices       

Delivered to: Maersk, KPN, ING, Holiday Check

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Is your company utilising technology to its full potential? The CS assessments have been designed to evaluate your key technologies and their current supporting infrastructure. This process will help uncover weak points in the foundation in order to adjust direction and use the best practices available on the market.

Throughout a two to three days workshop, CS will interview key stakeholders including developers, operators and managers; investigate the current systems in place; and provide a detailed report offering recommendations for improvements. Upon request, additional consultation is also available to address broader challenges.

CS can provide assessments of the following areas:

  • Security
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Microservices
  • CI/CD

Delivered to: Red Tulip Systems

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CS Innovation is all about helping you leverage digital tools and technology to not only stay competitive, but to rise above the rest. You may have a promising idea or technology, but don’t internally have the capacity to discover its value and take it to the next level. Our specialised CS team can help you get there.

This cocreative process involves the CS partner, and digital innovation consultancy, Remember to Play (www.remembertoplay.co), and takes your idea on a journey from concept to product with purpose. A specialised and dedicated team will work with you to flesh out the idea, visualise it, develop prototypes, create use cases and expose it to users for feedback.

The innovation process can involve:

  • Organizing a Hackathon to solve Challenges
  • An Innovation lab/ Design Thinking Workshop
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • MVP and Demos
  • Market fit evaluation

Satisfied clients include: Google, Cisco (Infraloop),  Joyent (Container Pilot) and Weaveworks.

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Workshops / Trainings

Our engineers frequently share their knowledge at conferences and workshops. We also offer in-house trainings on various aspects of distributed computing like Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and Microservices.

Please visit our training site for a full list of the trainings and workshops we offer.