Securing Microservices with Docker from Adrian Mouat – Part 1

Last week, the excellent Adrian Mouat, Docker captain & author of “Using Docker” gave a webinar on how to use Docker to secure your microservice containers. The webinar was a teaser for a 2 day training session by Adrian and Sam Newman (author of “Building Microservices”) in Amsterdam on the 31 July and London on the … Continued

Lean Go Containers with Multi-Stage Dockerfiles

On June 28 Docker 17.06 CE was released, which among other improvements adds support for multi-stage image builds. While traditional docker builds had to use a single container for their work and output, multi-stage builds allow the use of intermediate containers to generate artifacts. Artifacts from intermediate containers are then copied into the final build … Continued

Docker Swarm with Azure Container Services and Azure Resource Manager

Docker Swarm with Azure Container Services and Azure Resource Manager In an earlier post we explained how easy it is to setup a Docker Swarm cluster in Azure using Azure Container Services and Terraform. We understand that not everybody is ready to adopt Terraform in their companies and, even though we can help you get there, we … Continued

Docker Swarm with Azure Container Services

Docker Swarm with Azure Container Services As part of setting up a Docker Swarm cluster for one of our customers in their public cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, we learned how easy it was to set it up with Terraform. In this blog post we’re going to show and provide you with the tools for doing … Continued

Tricks of the Captains – DockerCon Talk

At DockerCon 2017 in Austin, Texas, I gave a talk entitled “Tricks of the Captains” in the community theatre track. The talk covered various tips and tricks for using Docker, compiled from the brains in the Docker Captains program. The tricks included: Configuring docker ps output Don’t bust the build cache Cleaning up with docker … Continued

minimesos 0.11.1 – Docker on Mac and improved default resources

Today we released minimesos 0.11.1. In this version we made a couple of improvements. Docker on Mac is now supported, the default resources of a new minimesos cluster are increased and the Marathon command is now configurable. You can install the new version using the usual installer command: curl -sSL | sh. The Docker … Continued

Multi-arch Docker Images

Although the promise of Docker is the elimination of differences when moving software between environments, you’ll still face the problem that you can’t cross platform boundaries, i.e. you can’t run a Docker image built for x86_64 on a arm board such as the Raspberry Pi. This means that if you want to support multiple architectures, … Continued

Adding Self-signed Registry Certs to Docker & Docker for Mac

The Docker registry image has over 10 million pulls on Docker Hub, so it’s safe to say that a lot of people out there are making use of it. When running a registry, it’s essential to make sure your clients can access it easily and securely. If your registry isn’t running on a public domain, … Continued

The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure)

The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure) A few of our recent posts featured WeaveWorks’ Sock Shop demo application – an educational project that demonstrates how to build a complex microservice application that not only looks good, but also does something useful. The educational value of the application lies in its architecture. It is unusual … Continued