Propagating configuration from Terraform to Kubernetes Apps

I recently encountered an interesting problem while terraforming Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud. Our Terraform configurations have some important information which is needed by applications running on the cluster. These are either values for which our Terraform resources are the primary source, or values which are outputs from them. Here are some examples of the … Continued

Production Ready Ingress on Kubernetes

I recently had an interesting project building a proof of concept for a cloud based platform. The PoC is composed of a few services, a message queue and a couple simple UIs. All the pieces are containerized and deployed on Kubernetes (GKE).  As a final task before sending this over to the client, I needed … Continued

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes support

During DockerCon Copenhagen, Docker announced support and integration for Kubernetes, alongside Swarm. The first integration is in the Docker for Mac, where you can run now a 1 node Kubernetes cluster. This allows you to deploy apps with Docker-compose files to that local Kubernetes cluster via the docker cli. In this blogpost, I’ll cover what … Continued

Spinnaker for Kubernetes

Part of our work is to be constantly on the lookout for tools that can ease cloud native development processes, that can make our work easier or faster. Just like when you are sailing a boat, you will look for the best course to steer and trim the sails to take as much advantage of the … Continued

Tensorflow on Kubernetes: Kubeflow

Google is quietly releasing increasing amounts of projects dedicated to data science. One such project that was recently pointed out to me is called Kubeflow. In its essence, it is not terribly complicated. But when considered as part of the adoption of data science (and Google’s strategy), the project is of utmost importance. Kubeflow is … Continued

Kubernetes Beyond Hello World

If you are a little like me, chances are you get bored of ‘Hello World!’ examples quite quickly. When it comes to Kubernetes, the typical introductory article goes like this: Deploy a ‘Hello, World!’ application. Expose the application to the outside world in some way. Scale the application to a few replicas. This is fun … Continued

Securing Dynamic Environments in Kubernetes

In my previous blog post we set up a Continuous Integration pipeline which created dynamic, ephemeral environments in Kubernetes. This was done exclusively using Kubernetes namespaces. As mentioned in the previous post this solution leaves some holes, specifically around security. There are some basic questions which quickly arise: How do I ensure that my CI … Continued

Dynamic Environments with Kubernetes

In this series of blog posts, I will highlight some strategies and tips when adopting Kubernetes. The goal is to provide practical examples based on usages of other companies who have already gone down this road. — When adopting a new technology, such as Kubernetes, we often plug it in, use the basic features, and … Continued

Kubernetes deployment strategies

In Kubernetes there are a few different ways to release an application, it is necessary to choose the right strategy to make your infrastructure reliable during an application update. Choosing the right deployment procedure depends on the needs, we listed below some of the possible strategies to adopt: recreate: terminate the old version and release … Continued

Kubernetes The Hard Way Explained – Chapter 2

Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial is the goto place for wannabe Kubernetes administrators who want to learn the ins and outs of the platform. With the CNCF’s official Kubernetes Certified Administrator programme out recently we can only expect this great resource to gain even more attention. I used KTHW a lot when I was learning K8S and … Continued