Securing Dynamic Environments in Kubernetes

In my previous blog post we set up a Continuous Integration pipeline which created dynamic, ephemeral environments in Kubernetes. This was done exclusively using Kubernetes namespaces.

As mentioned in the previous post this solution leaves some holes, specifically around security. There are some basic questions which quickly arise:

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Dynamic Environments with Kubernetes

In this series of blog posts, I will highlight some strategies and tips when adopting Kubernetes. The goal is to provide practical examples based on usages of other companies who have already gone down this road.

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Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus

We seem to say this a lot at Container Solutions, but the combination of microservice architectures and the practice of DevOps have smashed apart the assumptions made by traditional tools. None more so than in the monitoring sector, which we’ve talked about in the semantic monitoring and monitoring … Read more

Testing the microservices. Our approach to API testing.

There are numerous advantages of using microservices over the monolithic application structure.

Microservices, though, unlike monoliths don’t have the established development patterns. A lot of problems are still unsolved and we yet to witness the emergence of de-facto standards of “the microservices way” of development.

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