Security Week


Alternative Text by Jamie Dobson

Next week, Adrian will be speaking at GOTO; Amsterdam about ‘Using Docker Safely‘.

To support his efforts, we are going to be releasing security specific content every day. It is our hope to get a decent conversation going around security for microservice architectures and distributed systems. This will of course touch on container security. But, we’ll look wider than that with guest blogs coming from HashiCorp and Weave and a special take-away from Jaroslav and Marta from Container Solutions.

If you want to get involved on Twitter, just tag your tweets #securityweek. If you want to donate content, get in touch via the email address on the site or reach out on Twitter.

Cheers, Jamie.

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Jamie Dobson

Jamie specializes in innovation and technical strategy. As the CEO of Container Solutions, he is primarily responsible for the direction of the company and the well being of the team. He occasionally works with clients on tricky strategic problems, teaching executives how to ‘win’ with technology.

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