The Docker Security Cheat Sheet is a quick and handy reference for securing Docker containers
This free ebook teaches you in detail how to secure your Docker setup in production
Docker Security by Adrian Mouat, GOTO Stockholm, Sep 2, 2016
Microservice implementations present new security challenges. This talk discusses these challenges and introduces ways how to address them. Recorded at the Software Circus Meetup Zürich, January 7, 2016

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Container and Microservice Security Workshop

Our workshop “Container and Microservice Security”, will teach you how to secure a modern, microservice-based system. The course focuses on Docker but includes generally applicable patterns for securing production container systems. We will go into advanced topics, including managing secrets (such as database passwords or API keys),  authenticating users and services, and automatically checking for vulnerable images.
The workshop is hands-on: you will be provided with a functional, but insecure, system which you will harden over the course of the two days.