Tricks of the Captains – DockerCon Talk


by Adrian Mouat

At DockerCon 2017 in Austin, Texas, I gave a talk entitled “Tricks of the Captains” in the community theatre track. The talk covered various tips and tricks for using Docker, compiled from the brains in the Docker Captains program.

The tricks included:

  • Configuring docker ps output
  • Don’t bust the build cache
  • Cleaning up with docker prune
  • Properly starting and stopping containers
  • Healthchecks
  • Using a read-only FS
  • Setting a User

If you want to learn more, please download the slides. The talk was also recorded, so hopefully Docker will release the video in the near future.

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Adrian Mouat

Adrian Mouat is Chief Scientist at Container Solutions and the author of the O'Reilly book "Using Docker". He has been a professional software developer for over 10 years, working on a wide range of projects from small webapps to large data mining platforms.

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