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Attack the right problem

A move to the cloud can be costly and time-intensive. Our signature Discovery process uncovers what you really need to create sustainable, future-proof solutions.


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Solve it step by step

See constant progress and make adjustments on the go. Gradual implementation of software and infrastructure gives you complete control over the entire process.


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Learn as you go

Your employees will have full confidence to handle operations on their own. By working alongside our experts, they learn all that there is to know about the new systems.

Our WorkOur Work

Chris Williams

Chris Williams
Head of Development Zoover Media

Our customer-centric values demand that we have a highly scalable infrastructure. CS helped us with the envisioning and technical implementation of our hosting infrastructure and continuous delivery setup, reducing our deployment times from 2-4 hours to under 30 minutes to production. In addition, our apps are now containerized facilitating our move to more agnostic, extensible solutions.

Trainings & Hackathons

Trainings & Hackathons

Swisscom is a mobile, internet, TV and telephony company. We offered their team trainings and a Hackathon on running Big Data workloads on Kubernetes. Their development team now has the ability and confidence to operate Kubernetes along with Apache Kafka independently.

A journey to  the cloud

A journey to the cloud

Our team helped Zoover to build a continuously delivered, container packaged, microservice oriented and dynamically managed cloud native system.

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A journey to  the cloud
Kubernetes trainings

Kubernetes trainings

Die Mobiliar, the oldest insurance company in Switzerland, is adopting Kubernetes. After providing them with trainings, thus enabling development teams to use containers effectively, we discovered that we could also help them developing the capability to run databases on Kubernetes and improve the security posture of their setup.

Our Customers

Our Customers

Our ServicesOur Services


We don’t simply solve the “problem” for you. Guided and supported by our experts every step of the way, your team will implement the staged roadmap themselves. This way you learn all throughout the process, acquiring the skills necessary to run and operate the new systems on your own. To deepen your knowledge we offer a variety of trainings, all customizable to suit your specific needs.


Services infographic
Services infographic


Fighting the symptoms, instead of attacking the root cause, wastes time and money. Our signature process will help you better understand the situation and identify the real problem. Through personalized workshops, interviews, code & application review, Discovery equips you with the right information to make the best decisions for your organization.

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Our SkillsOur Skills

Our team is diverse and has a broad range of skills — the Bigger the circle, the more extensive our knowledge.
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Key Skills

About usAbout us

As experts in Cloud Native strategy and technology, we support clients with cloud migration. Our unique approach starts with understanding of your specific needs. Then, together with your team, we design and implement custom solutions made to last. Our diverse team of experts is equipped with a broad range of cloud native skills, with a focus on data processing and microservices. We maintain offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


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