Where Do We Play and What Do Our Customers Value?

‘Container Solutions’ may, depending on your perspective, may be a misnomer. If you peel back the lid on our company, you see that we work at the intersection of containers, cloud infrastructure and rapid development. Why here? What is the relationship between these three things? And importantly, where … Read more

The Structure of Day 2 Problems

Companies who adopt Cloud Native technologies and principles sooner or later (often sooner) bump into Day 2 problems. This is not because the tooling is bad but rather the opposite – the tooling is excellent. This means that it’s easy to get started with and therefore easy to … Read more

Anne Currie Teams Up With Container Solutions

LONDON — 21 March 2017 — Anne Currie and Container Solutions to join forces to further their aim of helping SMEs and Enterprises reap the benefits of Cloud Native.

Anne Currie will be working with Container Solutions on a public project to encapsulate the current state of Cloud Native … Read more

Brexit and Innovation

This article first appeared on DevopsOnline.

In their epic book, Creating a Learning Society, Stiglitz and Greenwald note that it serves companies well to maintain secrecy. This gives them competitive advantage. However, from society’s viewpoint, they say, “it is desirable that knowledge, once created, be transmitted as broadly … Read more

The Space Beyond – Our Culture

People who come to work at Container Solutions don’t necessarily come for the technologies we use, although they are cool, but rather because of our culture. So what is our culture?

When your strategy is based upon a market that is not yet fully developed, you are by … Read more

Innovation and the Fear of Loss

In England we say that as you get older you become politically more Conservative. Winston Churchill said “If you’re not left wing when you’re 17, you’ve got no heart. If you’re not right wing by the time you’re 50 you’ve got no brain.” The reason? I used to think … Read more

The Adjacent Possibility

Yesterday a Git user called David (dvonthenen) created a pull request that added external volumes to our ELK framework. This seems like an extremely valuable addition to our work. As David says in the pull request, upon failure, the system will ‘reattach the volumes and continue where it … Read more