Image Management & Mutability in Docker and Kubernetes

by Adrian Mouat

Kubernetes is a fantastic tool for building large containerised software systems in a manner that is both resilient and scalable. But the architecture and design of Kubernetes has evolved over time, and there are some areas that could do with tweaking or rethinking. This post digs into some issues related to how image tags are handled in Kubernetes and how they are treated differently in plain [...]



Golang Configuration in 12 Factor Applications

by Hamish Hutchings

I have been working on a Go project for the past couple of months, I have found the language pleasant to use and the tooling has been pretty impressive. I am not going to talk about this though, I am more interested in how to build out a 12 Factor app in Golang. I won’t go into detail in this post on the 12 factors. But if you would like to know more the following ( [...]


When is the WRONG time to use Kubernetes?

by Pini Reznik

The main reason most enterprises want to move to the cloud can be explained in two words: product velocity. There are myriad benefits to Cloud Native computing, from lower hosting costs to reduced infrastructure complexity and increased scalability. All of these are good things, of course -- but by far the most motivating is the ability to move from idea to actual product in front of [...]




Container Solutions Becomes a founding member of the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) Program

Alternative Text by Jamie Dobson

Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) program. The KTP is an extension of the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) program that includes a special tier of providers who have deep experience creating and delivering cloud native training. Container Solutions are proud to be one of the six founding members of the KTP. The Road [...]


My Journey: Blazing a Trail

Alternative Text by Lian Li

“Container Solutions is the greatest group of allies I’ve met so far. They’re not just interested in the label; they understand what diversity is really about.” --- Lian Li, aka Captain Electric Alignment: Chaotic Good. Captain Electric uses her telepathy for good by getting inside your head and sparking ideas. We’re glad she’s a superhero because if turned to the dark side, [...]