Delivery Manager

Container Solutions is a leader in the space of containerised microservices and distributed systems. We collaborate with vendors like Cisco, Google and Mesosphere, building cutting edge tools. We also work with scale-ups, those companies like Zoover and HolidayCheck, who want to increase their agility and reduce their time to market. Finally, we work with enterprises, like ING and Maersk, who want to radically decrease their costs as they transition to a cloud native model.

As we have grown, so too has our portfolio of projects. This is why we are now looking for a delivery manager for our Amsterdam office. The Delivery Manager will work closely with the Container Solutions team to manage customer engagements, coach project managers and lead engineers and communicate with the rest of the management team. Additionally, as part of the management team, the Delivery Manager will contribute to strategic formulation and execution.

Specifically, the Delivery Manager will be responsible for:

  • Project management and execution.
  • Developing and communicating project scope and objectives.
  • Coaching.
  • Managing relationships with both end-user clients and vendors.
  • In conjunction with the management team at Container Solutions Amsterdam, strategic formulation and execution.

The perfect candidate should be comfortable with technology and its delivery. Specifically, we would like to meet people with:

  • Experience and affinity with distributed systems. And much more importantly,
    Experience and affinity with people.
  • Understanding and experience with iterative systems of delivery and execution, such as the PDSA cycle.
  • Understanding and experience with systems thinking, mental models, team learning and mastery.
  • Coaching.

What You Can Expect from Us

At the core of the Container Solutions experience and culture is learning. Everyone at Container Solutions has a coach, everyone speaks at conferences – for when you teach, you learn – and everyone writes. We formulate and execute our strategy iteratively, which in and of itself is a great source of learning. Finally, we have our own conference, Software Circus, and are heavily involved with the GOTO Learning Academy and Conference. Taken together, these activities allow us to reach our personal learning objectives, which for some is about writing, for others about creating open source tools and for others yet, delivering keynotes.

As the Delivery Manager, you can expect:

  • Two executive education courses per year with our partners at Rotterdam Business School or the London Business School.
  • A coach.
  • A supportive environment.
  • All the tools you need to do your job.
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delivery manager
Systems Developer

Systems developers at Container Solutions write software for systems. Our team of systems engineers wrote the Terraform provider for Cobbler, the Apache Mesos frameworks for ELK and Flocker as well as a large number of bespoke frameworks for customers. We are looking for people who love to build systems for both end-users and their colleagues at Container Solutions who build applications. Applicants are likely to be comfortable at the command line, have an affinity with Linux and know that an IPTable is not a spot in London’s latest, hippest restaurant.

Specifically, systems engineers at Container Solutions are expected to:

  • Write system code and applications.
  • Work with low level kernel code, networking drivers, storage, etc..
  • Contribute to OpenSource projects such as Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker and the Hashicorp tools.
  • Combine existing tools and write new ones to build out programmable/immutable infrastructure.
  • Create build scripts for automated testing and continuous integration, like we did for Open Shift Enterprise.
  • Work with clients and system-users to gather requirements and translate these into solutions that allow for a workflow with a short feedback loop.
  • Work with application developers to create innovative solutions.
  • Share their knowledge at conferences and within the company.

In addition, it would be useful, but not essential, for applicants to have experience with:

  • Private or public cloud infrastructure management (AWS, GCE, Azure, etc.).
  • Open Source orchestration technologies and platforms such as Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, DC/OS, Swarm, etc.
  • Blogging and public speaking
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Application Developer

Application developers at Container Solutions write applications, typically using the microservice architecture. They do this in close conjunction with system engineers, with whom they form no-ops engineering teams. Application developers at Container Solutions write applications for drones, e-commerce, big data and data science as well as and for IoT devices.

Applicants should love developing and they’ve probably been doing it for a while already. They should have an affinity with the open source community. They must also like working in small iterations, working closely with our designers to bring ideas to life. Fans of Scrum need not apply.

Specifically, application developers at Container Solutions are expected to:

  • Write applications complete with automated unit and systems tests.
  • Fully automate their build systems.
  • Work with end-users to work out requirements.
  • Engage in rapid prototyping to verify or discard ideas and requirements.
  • Share their knowledge at conferences and within the company.
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Support Engineer

As part of our work at Container Solutions, we build applications and integrate systems for customers like ING bank and HolidayCheck. During and after customer projects, we provide support for the systems we have built and installed. These systems include DC/OS, Apache Mesos and Kubernetes. As well as this, we support the build processes that we created for our customers.

We are looking for support engineers who have an excellent understanding of customers needs. Support engineers at Container Solutions are both the first line of support for our highly valued customers and drive requirements into our development process. Support engineers maintain close relationships with the vendors we work with and are expected to the company’s leading experts in the DC/OS, Kubernetes and OpenShift 3/Enterprise.

Support engineers at Container Solutions are expected to:

  • Have exceptional problem solving skills.
  • Work with application and system developers to preemptively solve customer problems.
  • Maintain relationships with their counterparts at Mesosphere, Google and HashiCorp.
  • Share their knowledge at conferences and within the company.

It is would be useful, but not essential, for applications to be fluent in two or more languages.

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UI/UX Developer

Container Solutions have, since the beginning, worked hard to create beautiful and usable interfaces. We have built highly usably GUIs for multiple clients and are especially interested in building GUIs for distributed systems.

Container Solutions has a sister company, Remember to Play (rtp), who specialise in design thinking, rapid prototyping and graphical user interfaces. We are looking for UI/UX developer’s to bridge the world of design and programmable infrastructure with the world of usability. Applicants should have an affinity with design thinking, should like working in teams and, from the beginning, are expected to lead ideation sessions at Container Solutions.

Specifically, UI/UX developers at Container Solutions are expected to:

  • Participate in rapid prototyping the design thinking.
  • Have skills with tools like React.js and D3.js.
  • Work closely with the Container Solutions application developers and the team from rtp.
  • Have a desire to work with distributed systems.
  • Share their knowledge at conferences and within the company.
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