Image Management & Mutability in Docker and Kubernetes

by Adrian Mouat

Kubernetes is a fantastic tool for building large containerised software systems in a manner that is both resilient and scalable. But the architecture and design of Kubernetes has evolved over time, and there are some areas that could do with tweaking or rethinking. This post digs into some issues related to how image tags are handled in Kubernetes and how they are treated differently in plain [...]



Using Google Container Registry with Kubernetes

Alternative Text by Lian Li

I recently got into orchestrating my Docker containers with Kubernetes. For one of our projects, I needed to pull docker images from the Google Container Registry (GCR). When using the Google Kubernetes Engine with the GCR everything works out of the box, but to run the containers locally with docker, I had to install and configure docker-credential-gcr. (Go to the GitHub repository for [...]


Docker for Mac with Kubernetes support

by Catalin Jora

During DockerCon Copenhagen, Docker announced support and integration for Kubernetes, alongside Swarm. The first integration is in the Docker for Mac, where you can run now a 1 node Kubernetes cluster. This allows you to deploy apps with Docker-compose files to that local Kubernetes cluster via the docker cli. In this blogpost, I’ll cover what you need to know about this integration and how to [...]




Tagging Docker images the right way

by Carlos Leon

In our consultancy work, we often see companies tagging production images in an ad-hoc manner. Taking a look at their registry, we find a list of images like: and so on. There is nothing wrong with using semantic versioning for your software, but using it as the only strategy for tagging your images often results in a manual, error prone process (how do you teach your CI/CD pipeline [...]