Core Expertise


Our Kubernetes experience covers:



We co-created together with Weaveworks the “Socks Shop” a reference demo app for running microservices. Socks Shop simulates the user-facing part of an e-commerce website that sells socks. It is intended to aid the demonstration and testing of microservice and cloud native technologies.


We created minimesos – a tool that allows you to run a mesos cluster locally.
Minimesos was created from the need of testing mesos frameworks while we were developing the Mesos ELK stack.

Apache Mesos


Our chief scientist wrote the Using Docker book for O’Reilly and we are active in the community (we organize a few Docker meetup, and we blog about Docker).

Check our workshop area for details about the trainings we provide.

Essential Blogposts

Running Secured Docker Registry 2.0

The new Docker Registry 2.0 was released on April 16th, 2015. It was completely rewritten in Go with added support for the new Docker Registry HTTP API V2 (thus only working with Docker 1.6+), promising to provide faster and more secure distribution of images. If you work with Docker and for some reason decided not to use the public Docker Hub, a private Docker Registry is an essential part of [...]

Understanding Volumes in Docker

This post was updated on 6 Jan 2017 to cover new versions of Docker. It's clear from looking at the questions asked on the Docker IRC channel (#docker on Freenode), Slack and Stackoverflow that there's a lot of confusion over how volumes work in Docker. In this post, I'll try to explain how volumes work and present some best practices. Whilst this post is primarily aimed at Docker users with [...]
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