minimesos 0.13.0 – Support for Marathon application groups


by Frank Scholten

Apache Mesos

Today we released minimesos 0.13.0. In this version we have added support for Marathon group deployments. With this change you can quickly deploy application groups using the minimesos install command.

Deploying an application group

In minimesos the install command is used to deploy applications on the cluster. With this version you can install entire groups using the --group flag. See the following JSON file with two application definitions of netcat.

Let’s deploy the group:

We can now use the minimesos ps command to list the tasks.

We have also added a new column PORT with the port that was offered by Mesos. We can now easily connect to the applications using the .mm domain name and the port number.

If you didn’t know about this DNS feature check out my previous blog on Mesos DNS support that was added in minimesos 0.12.0. You can also add a group block inside the marathon block to install groups on startup like this:

What happened to the –marathonFile flag?

The --marathonFile flag of the install command is now deprecated since we now have two flags: --app and --group for app and group deployments respectively. See the help documentation:

Keep in touch

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch by commenting on the blog, talking to us at @minimesos and @ContainerSoluti or ask a question on the mailing list. Do you have an idea on how to improve minimesos? Please open an issue or add a PR at the minimesos Github repo. We hope you find minimesos useful. See you next time!

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